press release

European Parliament has passed the 5 Star's proposal on "Common procedure for international protection in the Union".

Rapporteur Laura Ferrara's (Efdd/M5S) statement:

"It's an extraordinary success. With this proposal Europe pledges to speed up asylum applications without hitting the most vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers. With this Common procedure, Europe speaks with one single voice. The applications for international protection will be evaluate within 6 months in the case of an ordinary procedure and 2 months in the case of accelerated procedures. Moreover, this procedure will reduce the bureaucratic burden for the Member States of first entry. Free legal defence is ensured to the asylum seekers at all stages in order to speed up the procedures.

This vote shows that the work of the 5 Star Movement is well appreciated in Europe. Long procedures ensure easy money to organised crime. For instances, in Italy Mafia had taken advantage of such chaotic situation to switch immigration over business. We stand for the rights of the people and fight the crimes".

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