The European hypocrisy wins in Hungary


Interview with Fabio Massimo Castaldo, inside the Italian newspaper "Il Messaggero"

Viktor Orban? He is an european shame that shows the EU's failures. This is the opinion of Fabio Massimo Castaldo, vice president of the European Parliament. "Not everyone considers him as a threat. Orban is a man from the EPP, in Brussels he is allied with Tajani and Angela Merkel, and they don't disdain short-sighted and strongly anti-European politics. We believe in a plural and open Europe: in too many cases, in Hungary, the fundamental rights of citizens have been trampled on, and we have therefore asked to open a formal procedure".

Is the friendship with Putin also politically incorrect?
"Italy's international alliances are not under discussion, but the sanctions policy to Russia has not led to any useful results. They have contributed to exacerbate the tense atmosphere and mutual distrust. And, above all, they has brought many Italian small and medium-sized companies (that were exporting to Russia) to its knees".

What about the barbed-wire fence against illegal immigrants?
"The root causes of the phenomenon must be resolved, intensifying international cooperation and dismantling the networks of traffickers: Orban's barbed wire is the shameful plastic image of the failure of current European migration policies".

Orban is opposed to the quotas of migrants and the Dublin treaties reform. What to do?
"If Orban wants to be part of the EU, he has to accept common rules that protect everyone. We have obtained, thanks to our votes in the European Parliament, the one-off relocations of migrants arrived in Italy, and Hungary is one of those countries that not only has not respected the rules, but it has been strenuously opposed to them. In our opinion this is unacceptable: migrants who arrive in Italy must be obligatorily and permanently relocated, proportionally, in all the Member States. GDP of the country, size of the territory, unemployment, are some criteria that we could use. We will stand up to affirm the relocations: those who don't respect them must be sanctioned with the withdrawal of structural funds due to be reassigned to countries in the front line as ours".

How do balance within Europe change?
"We won't allow Italy to be left alone or ignored. We will dialogue with everyone, but the Visegrád countries have positions on immigration that are far from ours. We were the first to denounce the nefarious effects of the Dublin regulation. Citizens know it and trust us".

Orban has declared war on George Soros and NGOs. Do you agree?
"In Ivrea we imagined the future: globalization must be governed with intelligence involving citizens, civil society, NGOs, productive categories... On transparency we will be, as always, really strict: for example, provision must be made for publication of information concerning the financiers of any foundation, NGOs or entities. Common sense rules for everyone".

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