press statement

"From 2014 to 2017, a total of 624,689 migrants have reached Italy by boats. Even though behind every arrival there is a smuggler and a well-organized racket, Italy has welcomed and rescued hundreds of thousands of people fleeing from wars and misery. Italy has already played its part in this matter. Merkel and Macron have repeatedly admitted that Italy has been left alone. The present "government of change" will not allow it anymore. Gabriel Attal, the spokesperson for the French majority party "En Marche", should inform himself, possibly without being biased and he should criticise himself. The methods used by his country in Ventimiglia and Bardonecchia do not put him in a moral position that allows him to provide ethical lessons to anyone. We hope that France will cooperate with Italy in the Council with the aim of reaching a compromise that goes beyond the Dublin Regulation and applies the solidarity always mentioned in the Treaties that foresees obligatory and automatic relocations of the migrants arrived in Italy", stated Laura Agea, chief of 5 Star Movement's delegation in the European Parliament.

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