Press statement

"The firmness showed by the Italian PM Conte has brought results beyond any expectations until a few days ago. We strongly agree, in particular, on the regional platforms managed by UNHCR and IOM and on the cooperation in the management of search and rescue operations. The Council conclusions are those proposed by the Italian government. Now we can say: with the 5 Star Movement in the Italian government Europe really changes. Italy is now stronger in Europe", stated Laura Ferrara, 5 Star Movement's member in the European Parliament.

"The revision of the Dublin regulation must take into account the landings. This principle actually ends the isolation of Italy. The battle on secondary movements engaged by the Eastern countries turned out to be only a fig leaf. Our goal is to neutralise the upstream immigration business. Now we will watch out for preventing in the European Parliament any block or filibustering from who do not give up on change", said Ferrara.

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