Press statement

"Orban is member of the European political group that, together with the socialists, is the main responsible for the current Europe's stalemate. You cannot reject the principle of solidarity among European countries and, at the same time, define yourself as a friend of the Italian government. You cannot be part of the old nomenclature as the EPP of Merkel, Juncker and Berlusconi and then pass yourself off as a force for change", said the 5 Stars Movement MEP Fabio Massimo Castaldo in an interview given to Formiche.

The veto on the EU budget? "It is right - answers Castaldo to a question of Formiche - taking into account of every options to protect our legitimate interest in establishing a real solidarity, including a veto on the next EU multi-annual financial framework. We hope not to have to go that far. Our position is not a threat nor a revenge, but the firm willingness to protect the citizens' interests. Again on your question, I ask myself: why should we support a proposal for the next EU multi-annual financial framework if it involves huge cuts to funds for our farmers as well as to cohesion funds for the poorer regions? And all of that against the complete unreceptiveness shown before our legitimate claim to share the migration management burden. Italy spends 4 billion a year to keep up, alone, the welcoming machine of migrants landing on Italian soil, which is also European soil. The problem is common to the entire EU but the solution remains as a burden, for now only for us to bear", Castaldo concludes.

Here is the link to the full interview in Italian:

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