Press statement

"The European Commission's proposal to apply the safeguard clause on rice imports from Cambodia and Myanmar is a victory for thousands of small and medium Italian rice growers crushed by unfair competition from these Asian countries. We welcome this decision as a victory of Made in Italy that, for too many years, has been neglected", states Tiziana Beghin, 5 Star's MEP.

"Badgering the European Commission works. This decision is the crowning achievement of years of efforts to defend the rice sector: the zero-import imports granted to Cambodia and Myanmar have massacred the sector with a nine-fold increase of the quota in a few years. Proposing the creation of a group of interest in the European Parliament, 5 Star Movement had supported the requests emerged from the trade associations. We will not stop here and we will ensure that the protection duties are applied as long as it is necessary ", states Beghin.

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