press statement

"After some threats to cut the European funds, in 2016 the Commission has pardoned Spain and Portugal for their public spending budget. This should serve as a precedent for Italy. It's the path to follow to sort out the problems with the EU. There's always sunshine after the rain. Some EU Commissioners should, also, realise that our government is the most appreciated right now among the European big countries. President Conte's approval rate raised above 60% of the Italian population. Clearly we cannot say the same about Macron or Merkel. We look for a compromise with Juncker and the Commission, but without changing the pillars of the proposal. Dialogue is and will be our mantra, considering also that we want to put some important reforms on the table as well. First of all, the fight against the corruption. Our last decree calls for a higher term of imprisonment in case of bribes. Additionally, we will install policemen infiltrator agents in order to better investigate corruption cases inside the public administration which cost, according to some survey, more than 100 billions of euro", stated Fabio Massimo Castaldo, 5 Star MEP, in a interview with The Guardian.

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