press statement

"The meeting between the political leader of 5 Star Movement Luigi di Maio and the leaders of three other European emerging formations is a fundamental step of a work that comes from far. In the last months we have been talking with anyone, like our attitude has ever been, and we found very important convergence with Kukiz'15 from Poland, Zivi zig from Croatia and the Finnish Liike Nyt", said Laura Agea, chief of 5 Star Movement's delegation in the European Parliament.

"We'll create with them the group of direct democracy. Our goal is to be decisive for the next European Parliament. We believe in the values of citizen participation and involvement. Big groups like EPP and S&D must know that the time in which decisions are taken in secret rooms of Brussels is up".

"This Europe uses two weights and two measures on too many topics. For example, lobbies count more than citizens. We want to overturn this scheme. Also, there's a lot of waste that's possible to cut: the pay of the European Commissioners or the shame of having three seats of the European Parliament. Our manifesto will contain the good ideas of all national delegations. We will focus on direct democracy, on the fight against poverty, on the health of citizens and the defence of the excellence of Made in Europe".

"Luigi Di Maio is in contact with some Yellow Jackets, but the meeting has not been set up yet. What is happening in France is very interesting and we follow it with care and respect. We are against any form of violence but the protest of the Yellow Jackets shows that neither Macron nor Le Pen or Mélenchon are able to intercept the need for change asked by the citizens. We need more participation and more rights and on this it'll be built the manifesto we will present in a few weeks".

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