press statement

"Europe has to be changed as soon as possible: it grants absurd privileges to politicians, while asking sacrifices to citizens, in name of budget constraints.

European Commissioners' salaries represent a slap to up to 100 millions of poor people in the whole Europe. President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has been paid 138% more than the official with the highest degree of the Commission, namely 27.436,90 euro a month. The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, earns a salary of 25.845,35 a month; vice Presidents earn 24.852,26 euro and other Commissioners 22.852,26 euro a month. That's not over yet. Commissioners also have 1.500 euro monthly available for representation expenses.

In 2019, taxpayers will pay 12,6 millions of euro for the College of Commissioners. This means 2.5 millions more than in 2018, as a consequence of the fact that this year Commissioners and their family members will have the right to be refunded for travel expenses, for installation and resettlement allowances and for removal expenses due to members of the Commission on entry into service or their end of service.

In 2019 682.000 euro have been provided for transitional allowances, that is to say a sort of subsidy that the Commissioners receive at the end of their mandate for a two-year term".

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