press statement

"We are confident the Italian new budget will have a positive effect on the economy. The budget law will enter into force from the next month and the results will be clear at the end of the year", says Ignazio Corrao, 5 Star MEP, in an interview with CNBC commenting the European Commission forecast growth.

"The recipes suggested by the European Commission, like the austerity measures, have failed. As politicians, it's our duty to change recipes: it's a sign of responsibility. Moreover, the political situation is completely different from 2014. Moscovici, for instance, is obviously interested in his political future. That's why he's not credible. As a Commissioner, he has to be impartial", says Corrao.

"The European Commission must have a completely different attitude. I really hope that the next Commission will work for the people of Europe and not for some big economical of financial interests, like they are actually doing", he says.

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